Beam Robot


I show you a robot that avoid obstacles and following light.
Learn here to build your own gearbox and make the hardware of a simple robot.
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See video of the operation:

Video 2:

This project was used MouseBot's circuit.

Roll that pulls the paper printers:
They are excellent wheels:
Cut made along one edge of each wheel to allow the perfect fit into the pulley:

Gearbox of a CD drive. It was cut to reduce its size:

See how it looks:
Now just paste with hot glue on a surface of MDF, metal, or cardboard. It is important to align the wheels!
This small difference in position between a gearbox and another is due to the alignment of the axes.
After screwing over two layers of MDF on the sides and put two wheels taken from the audio tape at the base to stabilize everything, see:
Looks like good! No?
Now we must put a contact sensor that can be one of those below:
On the front I put a sheet of aluminum that triggers the switch.

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